Classic Computer Accumulation Squad

From: Carl R. Friend <>
Date: Sun Nov 16 17:07:12 1997

   On Sun, 16 Nov 1997 11:59:57 -0600, "Uncle Roger" remarked in
our collective presence:

> As for me, there is currently [...] a Data General One & a Mac Plus
> in the dining room, [and a list to be envious of if you collect
> microcomputers!]

   It looks like it's confession time here. The "no computers in the
dining room" is silly, at best. At this moment, I'm typing away on
my Linux box in the dining-room looking at least 10 computers, not
counting the micro I'm writing this on. There are another 4 in the
kitchen behind me, two of which have seen power this weekend. (6 of
the dining-room ones saw power over the weekend.)

   Rules are made to be broken. Computers, of course, fit anywhere
you can find space for them. Even big ones. The bathroom, though,
is straight out. Too humid.

   Before some wise-$_at_# decides to have at me for typing on a "modern"
machine, let me remind him that even I have to pay the electric utility
from time to time.

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