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From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Sun Nov 16 18:27:06 1997

Carl R. Friend wrote

> Age, also, alone, does not make a classic. I doubt that the standard
> run-of-the-mill '386 PeeCee will ever amount to anything except to,
> perhaps, archaeologists who dig one out of a landfill. There were too
> many of them made, and they were (are) regarded as "disposable". Look
> at the construction - modern machines aren't made to be repaired any
> more than a disposable cigarette lighter is made to be refilled. They
> burn out, you toss' em, and buy another one.

There are a few standouts in the genus. Notably to mind comes the NCR
PC line, specifically the PC-812 and the PC-916 from the late '80s.
Rugged construction and passive backplane -- the damned things just
wouldn't die. Built in West Germany, I assume by retired Mercedes and
Volkswagen technicians. Then NCR went to using mass-market OEM boards
and the next thing you know they're bought by AT&T.

And Zenith stands out, if only for their ability to always come up with
a chassis uglier than their previous record, with nobody else even
trying to compete. Yet their laptops generally looked good.
Ward Griffiths
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