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Date: Sun Nov 16 13:38:48 1997

> <years old machines now. Rainbow machine is very quirky demanding
> <weird hardware and quirky disks in both format and hardsectored. :(
> Huh? Rainbot uses the somewhat unique format for the hard disk but sos did
> many other of the time. The floppy is a soft sector single sided 96tpi
> at 10 sectors per track that can be formatted on a PC with a good 1.2m
> drive in 360k speed and with the correct formatter. OR a system with an
> RX50 drive and a 1793 floppy controller (CP/M-80 boxen).

Wonderful! Now I know, but often I find those rainbow drives already
gone bad. Bearings usually and can't pull off the hubs to rebuild
the bearings. It shows up as groaning/grinding noise.
> <> acceptable OS. Although CP/M running native on a Pentium 133 is pretty
> <> cool, and fast! By collecting Non-PC's there a tons of OS's to play with
> CP/M-80 running on a 16mhz z180 is far more interesting. ;-)
Well, where one can find that one???

> Allison

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