New Definiton REQUIRED

From: HOTZE <>
Date: Mon Nov 17 01:13:52 1997

Good idea.... out-of-production... but now that I think of it, that can
also use some work.... Windows NT 3.51's out of production... and so are
300-400 Mhz Alphas!!! How about "out -of-production by 2 phases*" would
that work?
*A "phase" is the time when the product is used, IE Windows 3.1 is outdated
by 1 phase, as there was one major product that changed the way that we
worked, and it was aimed at the same market as Win 3.1 was,

Brett wrote:

> Well Tim (and you others 8-)
> We do not need a new definition. Time will include all machine and
> software - eventually. The limit of ten years was originally imposed
> to keep the IBM-PCer out. Not that that is a good thing - but to reduce
> the noise level. I don't know if this is right tho - but I do know
> that the original PC is in the range now.
> Maybe another list for Not-So Classic Computers should be set up - but
> the people wouldn't talk about the stuff we doo - it would gravitate
> to - "Why can't I get Win95 to save my comm settings??" Well I DO NOT
> know and I DO NOT CARE 8-)
> Let's keep it on out-of-production equipment - ok?
> BC
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