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Date: Mon Nov 17 09:21:49 1997

> <A little bit of head banging and we realized that to read paper tape, all y
> <need is a hand scanner, dark background, some kind of rig to hold the scann
> <in position above a 1" channel and, well, programming as appropriate.
> smashing ants with atomic cannon.


Suppose some already have one?

> The simplest form of scanner is 9 photocells(photo transistor or diode)
> lined up under the tape, light above and the 9th (sproket hole connectd to
> the data available(or ack) of a parallel port such as the PC printer port.
> Tape movement, pull by hand. should be good for 300->3000 char sec easily.
> It's trivial hardware.

Could cut some canned trannys open that is touchy to light and fill
them up with good clear epxoy obtainable from hobby shop? Or steal
those sensors from dead mouses, you can use either IR LED or strong
light. (YES! those light bulbs generate lot of IR).
Easier to deal with is pull up resistor network and photodiodes that
pull down to ground.

> Program:
> Copy LPT: file.tap
> Done.
> Allison

Amazing, Allison.

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