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Date: Mon Nov 17 09:21:49 1997

> Due to massive amounts of caffeine & sleep deprivation, Allison J Parent said:

> Sure... Linux. Linus Torvalds (the guy who wrote/writes/improves it) owns a
> DEC Alpha 500Mhz machine... I remember hearing that he can do a full kernal
> compile (with every single driver/module/etc.) on version 2.0.0 in under 8
> minutes. (it's 15-20 minutes for a barebones kernal (1.3.18) on my Cyrix
> P150+)

I have done full kernel compiles on 16mb/P5 100 intel/ Fast ATA-2 1GB
and took that long. Oh, memory is FPM, the cache is 256k
pipelined burst. That's 1.3.12 with seveal extras included to
support several devices and not yet to gotten that 2.0 cheaply but I
know of good outfit called Cheapbytes where you can had Slackware
or different packages for a expensive song on cd. :) Complete copy
as you see on net.

Only thing that stopped me doing Xwindows was that dumb display card
that drives LCD module (it's old one but VGA capable Cirrus logic
610/620 chipset on that old lunchbox). And where could I find a
complete shematic of ISA/IDE so I could build a custom adapter to
plug into my better notebook (LTE 386s/20) to drive a IDE cdrom? Oh
yeah, I do have the expansion pinout and it's ISA compatiable and I
do have proper connectors.

> Anyone got a Alpha 166 *cheap*??? ;-)
Far cheap to get used Intel chips from 486dx4-100 all the way to P5
233mmx or P5 200, cost have came down on PPro 180 256k to about under
200 each and you can overclock it to 200mhz. AMD K6 have problems
with some s/w giving sig errors. Also both Cyrix and AMD chips have
weak FPU.

> HTH,
> Roger "Merch" Merchberger
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