Trying here...for hd parts, they're old.

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Date: Mon Nov 17 11:00:13 1997


Looking for either just board or whole drives with bad HDA but board
is considered good. Here's the list:


CP30104, CP30174E
I have a board that does not match to any hds for conner:
It's stamped 06700-010-P3, Two ROM's INTF rom label: 6YT-039A and
DISK rom label: 6AB-039. This board only belongs to either late
2 models series that uses front jumper besides the LED connector
instead of seperate on-board jumper block. This board fits same way
like the CP30 and CP300 series 1" with motor hump held in place by 3

7213A, LXT 213A

Western Digital

If anyone have a used IDE hd to sell between 120 to 400mb real cheap
also please respond! All of those drives are strictly my use and
several are for bench work and plain use. I hate to use 40mb to
80mb which I have one of each. Will pay shipping. If some want to
disposed of that would be nice. Please email me to haggle but I
prefer cheap.



PS tried that on newsgroups last year with very poor results.
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