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Date: Mon Nov 17 19:43:31 1997

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> You see... that's the thing... I don't have anywhere to start but HERE.
> really only been REALLY interested in the PC business since '93, and
> collecting classics since May... I don't have ANYTHING.... I don't know
> anybody (except all of you lovely people out there....), and so I need
> somewhere to start... IBMs seem to be what I'm good at (I program them now

> as
> a hobby, so I know x86) I would take an IBM/PC, or, if they're easy to
> a PC jr.

well, gee, i have an extra pcjr and power supply laying around here... dont
know what shipping would be, however.

RE: the unix box, and the issue whether to power it up:
back in the 1980s i collected beer cans and it was clearly established that
cans were worth more if full, or emptied from the bottom so the drink tab was
left undisturbed and full 6packs were the most valuable, so i say if it's
left alone, it would be "worth" more. i have an unused ibm 5150 in the
original box with the original cardboard shipping disks along with the
original keyboard in its' box. they may not be worth a lot now, but will be
eventually, especially with their boxes and documentation.

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