Case designs (was: New Definiton REQUIRED)

From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Mon Nov 17 20:02:52 1997

At 09:22 AM 11/17/97 -0600, you wrote:
>> excellent PS/2 '87 era series that can be ripped apart with bare
>> hands except for motherboard and PSU screws.
>FWIW, my absolute favorite box of all time is the VAXstation 4000/60 or /96;
>you can get everything out of the box quickly with no tools. In contrast,
>it's only been in the last few years that I've gotten coordinated enough to
>keep from mutilating my knuckles every time I go into a VAXstation 2000...
I dunno if it's my favorite, but I do like the Mac IIci (intro'd in '89 --
almost 10 years) beacuse it too comes apart with no tools (mostly.)

My first computer, the Atari 600XL was great because the cartridge slot was
in exactly the right position to use it as a handle.

The one downside of the m100 is it had no handle, nor did it's little
slipcover. (And the RS blue case was too expensive -- then; I've got one

Any other thoughts on case designs? I still think the Lisa was beautiful,
and I'll have to check out the 3b1.

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