Case designs (was: New Definiton REQUIRED)

From: Adam Jenkins <>
Date: Mon Nov 17 20:19:45 1997

>Any other thoughts on case designs? I still think the Lisa was beautiful,
>and I'll have to check out the 3b1.

I have to agree about the Lisa - there is just something about her lines
which really appeals to me. :) The Atari 400 is also a faviourite, as it
has the weird science-fiction look. But the best (apart from the Lisa)
would have to be the Mac 128 and Apple IIc - both are very much Steve Jobs'
concept of what a computer should be, and although I don't agree with him
they nevertheless have a fine design concept.

If only I have a NextCube - that is one of the two computers I most want in
the world (the other being a Sinclair ZX81).

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