HD Floppies in DD Drives

From: HOTZE <photze_at_batelco.com.bh>
Date: Tue Nov 18 00:23:10 1997

Keep me informed... I wouldn't mind having a backup system that's data would
outlast the labels printed on it... also, I would like to be able to say "I know
the guy behind Tyvek tape backups"... we could all have matching drives!
Philip.Belben_at_powertech.co.uk wrote:

> > William Donzelli wrote:
> >
> > > says that they will last at least ten years. The best solution (other than
> > > mylar punched tape) is probably the older WORM drives (not MOs!), as they
> >
> > Purely out of morbid curiosity, has anybody ever considered making Tyvek
> > tape? The stuff is damned near impossible to tear and difficult even to
> > stretch enough to lose data.
> That is actually a very good idea. I shall dig out some tyvek samples and
> cut some inch-wide strips for initial tests. If this is OK, I shall
> contact the manufacturers. I'll post results here, but can't make any
> promises as to timescale.
> FWIW I kept some tyvek samples (from an office supplies catalogue) for use
> as gasket paper on my car. Works a treat on things like carburettors, gear
> levers, etc. Don't fancy trying it on cylinder heads, though...
> Philip.
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