For Trade: (New) Inmac 16 sector 5 1/4" floppy disks

From: HOTZE <>
Date: Tue Nov 18 00:23:09 1997

I'm not really sure about 10 sector floppies... but the magazine Computer Shopper
(Of Ziff-Davis) ( has many adds for old floppies...
versions of DOS, old laptops, etc... but nothing old enough for classics, except
for floppies, OSes, etc., no full systems... the print version is usually slightly
smaller than 1000 pages (per month, for $5 US), the online has all the ads for
free, but the search engine is hard to use... (was hard to use)

Bill Richman wrote:

> I need some 5 1/4" 10-sector floppies for my various "classic/antique"
> machines. I thought that was what I was buying in a recent on-line
> auction. What I ended up with was 16-sector floppies. I don't even
> know what uses these; certainly nothing I have. Accordingly, I'm
> offering to trade for 10-sector versions. These are Inmac DS,DD, 16
> hard sector 5 1/4" disks with envelopes. Quantity 30 (3 boxes of 10).
> Two boxes are still factory shrink-wrapped. The 3rd was until I
> opened it to verify that I'd gotten the wrong thing; none were used.
> Make a trade offer, or alternatively, does anyone know where and how
> much I might be able to just *buy* some 10-sectors?
> -Bill Richman
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