Case designs (was: New Definiton REQUIRED)

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Tue Nov 18 13:45:07 1997

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> Oh, Tony, we have to deal 5 or 12 computers a day when things get
> busy and if the quality is stinker, takes longer to fix so we really
> appreciate the least number of screws required or useful devices that
> allows you to remove one or two drive cages by letting go a catch to

People have already mentioned the Lisa which indeed has a beautiful
design. The Apple II design was also very elegant...just pop the hood and
you're in.

> work on it seperate from case. The low quality cases is so sharp
> that you can shave with it and also very wobbly without the cover. (I

I've bled on several occasions because of the el-cheapo "made in china" PC
> could crush the frame with hands. and I'm not that strong-armed like
> the weight lifter!) Also some have so bad metal and rough machined
> screws chew 'em up in short order. Have anyone noticed many fine
> pitch screws getting less defined and more of rough appearance.
> Once, I found one blank stem with fully formed head complete with
> slot! The older computer typically used well made parts so we
> appreciate them also.

The IBM PC used finely machined screws. The quality of cases diminished
much from the original design. However, there has a been a trend towards
a better designed PC case, one that is sturdier, easier to take apart/put
together (some not requiring screws for this) and fits together tightly.

They still have a way to go though before they acheive the ease of access
that the Apple II afforded you. When will they learn not to fix what's
not broken?

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