New Definiton REQUIRED

From: PG Manney <>
Date: Mon Nov 17 12:23:53 1997

> Age, also, alone, does not make a classic. I doubt that the standard
>run-of-the-mill '386 PeeCee will ever amount to anything except to,
>perhaps, archaeologists who dig one out of a landfill. There were too
>many of them made, and they were (are) regarded as "disposable". Look
>at the construction - modern machines aren't made to be repaired any
>more than a disposable cigarette lighter is made to be refilled. They
>burn out, you toss' em, and buy another one.

Well, not quite. You'll have a motherboard problem with Packard Bell, Compaq
and the like -- but many use "generic" motherboards; thus a Baby AT case
would fit anything from a 286 to a Pentium whatever (btw, shouldn't a P5 be
called a Pentium Pro Lite?)

Floppy disks, of course, have been standardized since the original PC, both
in interface and form factor; EIDE/SCSI for hard disks, IDE for CD-ROM's.

I upgrade PC's much of the time (probably sell 10 used systems/upgrades to 1
new system) and can tell you that upgrading _is_ viable in the PC world.
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