Wrong Way:New Definition REQUIRED

From: Roger Merchberger <zmerch_at_northernway.net>
Date: Tue Nov 18 19:39:02 1997

Due to massive amounts of caffeine & sleep deprivation, Bill Richman said:
>How about making the rule something to the effect of "Systems older
>than 20 years, or which were actively produced for less than _x_ (2?)
>years running" ? Too complicated?

Worse than just complicated... I own 15 classic machines, and I seriously
doubt any of them would fall under that rule...

>At least it would cover almost all
>of the "unique" machines. If they were made for more than 2 years,
>they probably didn't end up being all that unique, because there would
>be lots of them, and probably clones to boot, if they were that

Since when would a CoCo 1/2/3 be a clone??? They're rather unique (uses the
MC6809, had a realtime, multiprocessing, multiprogramming OS available for
it... etc.)

How about the MC-10? Only computer on the market (that I know of) to use
the MC6803 processor, etc.

The Tandy 600 -- first laptop with a built-in floppy...

Atari ST series-- first computer (again, that I know of) that came with
MIDI ports as standard equipment...

Amiga series -- first computer to come with a voice generator as standard

What's _your_ definition of unique? Even with all my systems, I would have
to sorrowfully say goodbye to the list... <sniff> :-(

> I agree with Jeff in that the thing that makes most of
>the systems "special" to me is the fact that not everybody could just
>go down to the local Best Buy/Circuit City/Sears store, buy one, plug
>it in, and use it. It took some determination, some ingenuity, and a
>real love of the whole concept of computers and computing.

Yea, but 10-15 years ago, anyone could go down to their local Radio Shack
store (and no, we don't have a BB/CC/Sears, but we *had* a RS), buy a CoCo,
plug it in, and use it. Should those of us with CoCo's (which, again, are
unique machines) be excluded from the list just because they were
mass-produced and/or they were the longest-running 8-bit home computer?

I'm in wholehearted agreement that this list shouldn't become a PeeCee
wannabe list... However, if it became a DG-centric list, or a Vax-only
list, or.... well, I'd have to go, and the list would lose a lot of flavor
in my eyes, and I'd move on.

Anyway, there's my opinion of your rule modification...... As far as I'm
concerned, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

See ya,
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