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From: Bill Richman <bill_r_at_inetnebr.com>
Date: Wed Nov 19 00:42:28 1997

On Tue, 18 Nov 1997 20:39:02 -0500, Roger Merchberger
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>Due to massive amounts of caffeine & sleep deprivation, Bill Richman said:
>>How about making the rule something to the effect of "Systems older
>>than 20 years, or which were actively produced for less than _x_ (2?)
>>years running" ? Too complicated?
>Worse than just complicated... I own 15 classic machines, and I seriously
>doubt any of them would fall under that rule...
>>At least it would cover almost all
>>of the "unique" machines. If they were made for more than 2 years,
>>they probably didn't end up being all that unique, because there would
>>be lots of them, and probably clones to boot, if they were that
>Since when would a CoCo 1/2/3 be a clone??? They're rather unique (uses the
>MC6809, had a realtime, multiprocessing, multiprogramming OS available for
>it... etc.)

Did I say they would? I said "If they were made for more than 2
years... there'd be lots of them, and probably clones". How long was
each of those models manufactured? More than 2 years?

>How about the MC-10? Only computer on the market (that I know of) to use
>the MC6803 processor, etc.
>The Tandy 600 -- first laptop with a built-in floppy...
>Atari ST series-- first computer (again, that I know of) that came with
>MIDI ports as standard equipment...
>Amiga series -- first computer to come with a voice generator as standard
>What's _your_ definition of unique? Even with all my systems, I would have
>to sorrowfully say goodbye to the list... <sniff> :-(

I guess it depends on your point of view. My collection includes:
IMSAI 8080 (which I built when they first came out), NorthStar
Horizon, KIM-1, MC-10, Compaq luggable, H-89s, Timex-Sinclair 1000s,
CoCos, PC-Juniors, C-64s, VIC-20s, Panasonic Pocket Computers, many
varieties of PC and XT, Tandy 1000, TRS-80 Model 1's (with the voice
synthesizer in the silver particle-board box!), some Zenith laptops,
Mac 128, Mac Plus, and a bunch of mechanical and discrete-transistor
calculators from Friden, Victor, HP, TI, etc. I'm not here to argue
over the validity of the technology - just to enjoy the company of
others who love the stuff as much as I do. I suppose now that they're
no longer produced, my Virtual Boy, i-glasses, and Power Glove will be
"classics" someday too. Most of the things in my collection are
"unique" in some way; I thought the discussion was about how to
verbally define what it is we talk about here in 10 words or less.

(By the way - does anyone remember the Tandy Computers 1978 catalog
with the Z-80 chip picture on the front? The one with the Vector 1,
IMSAI, Xitan, Equinox, Poly 88, Sol, SWTPC, Intecolor, and other S-100
goodies in it? I found the one I've been saving for the last 19 years
just the other day - I'd forgotten about it. And does anyone have an
Intecolor in their collection?)

                            -Bill Richman
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