Case designs (was: New Definiton REQUIRED)

From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Tue Nov 18 20:23:40 1997

At 06:57 AM 11/18/97 -0800, you wrote:
>At 09:04 11/18/97 +0000, you wrote:
>>I've never understood this love of screwdriver-less cases. If I'm going to
>>be fixing a computer I'm going to have a soldering station, scope, logic
>>analyser, cutters, etc with me. So having a screwdriver set is no big deal
Another thought... I've not yet figured out how to squeeze >24 hours in a
day, and I've got about 54 hours worth of stuff to do every day, so anything
that saves a little time is welcome.

>where I'm at someone's house for dinner, and they say "Oh, BTW, my
>computer's not working," and I didn't bring a screwdriver and they don't
>own a #2 Phillips.
Some people (esp. on this list) may not realize it, but there are actually
hordes of people out there who go their entire lives without ever owning a
single screwdriver. Which is why I've got two in/on my laptop case, several
in my laptop "kit", and a swiss army knife with a flat sd, phillips sd,
pliers, and (8^) corkscrew.

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