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From: Uncle Roger <sinasohn_at_ricochet.net>
Date: Tue Nov 18 20:23:43 1997

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>the following info: (1) The definition is bendable, as circimsances dicatate,
>(2) The definition is pretty much fine as it is, but (3) (The BIG one) Many
Ultimately, the definition is up to Bill Whitson. If people start talking
about stuff he's not interested in, or that he doesn't feel to be the
provenance of this list, he'll a) warn people, b) unsubscribe people, or c)
shut the list down. So personally, because I certainly don't want b) or c)
to happen, and I'd rather a) didn't have to, I'll stick to the topics Bill
had in mind when creating this list. If I'm really desperate to talk about
which 486 motherboards are collectible, I'll start my own collect486 list.

>computers will NOT be significant classics... origionally, as has been pointed
>out, the "10 year" rule was to make sure that IBMs weren't included...
first the
I think it was set so as to avoid current/mainstream computer support
questions. (Which I'm sure most of the people on this list could answer,
but that's not why they've subscribed to this list.) The (admittedly
debateable) position that generic PC's are *not*
significant/collectible/etc. and thusly are not the provenance of this list
is a (IMO) welcome side effect.

(Note: some pc's *are* significant or collectible -- lots of portables, the
corner case one (packard bell?), monorails, Kip's Rose Hill PC (to Kip),
etc. -- they're just not the focus of this list.)

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