Case designs (was: New Definiton REQUIRED)

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Date: Tue Nov 18 17:01:26 1997

> > The IBM PC used finely machined screws. The quality of cases diminished
> > much from the original design.
> I think they reached their pinnacle with the PS/2s. Those machines really
> are well designed. Later IBMs, like the Valuepoints, well, suck.
> Also, the really cheap PeeCees use screws that are stamped, and not
> turned. This is one of the reasons that fine threads are still used.
> William Donzelli
Uh huh... not true.

Actual production of screws comes in gress what? Roll of wire!
Snipped to short lengths by shear action then fed to 2 or 3 machines
then in the end is screws.

All, I can say so all screws produced except for very specialized
needs are rolled formed using hardened thread plate that impresses
the thread into blanks. The heads with slots or whichever are
deformed first in one step then roll the thread.

Problem arises when quality control comes in. If the lube and
quality, speed, quality of blanks metals are poor, you get
malformed screws and bad threads. Some screws are plated as well.

Actually top quality rolled screws are much better than machined
screws and much cheaper too, also stronger because metal grain is
still intact.

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