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Date: Wed Nov 19 00:58:11 1997

Yeah, but you've gotta think that if you took the Mac line as one computer, in my
opinion, that would get rid of what I think is about what the industry's about:
Invention. You know, that if Apple had put the cameras in their computers a few
years ago like they were soupossed to, we wouldn't have to be dealing with that
problem now? (It would have gone like this: Apple puts a mouse in.... the computer
industy calls it a "childs toy" type computer... claims to hate it... behind the
scenes, PC makers start to say "Anyone here have a mouse design?", well, this would
be "Hey, anyone here know where we can get a good camera?"... they hate it, then
love it.)
    Tim D. Hotze

Bill Richman wrote:

> How about making the rule something to the effect of "Systems older
> than 20 years, or which were actively produced for less than _x_ (2?)
> years running" ? Too complicated? At least it would cover almost all
> of the "unique" machines. If they were made for more than 2 years,
> they probably didn't end up being all that unique, because there would
> be lots of them, and probably clones to boot, if they were that
> successful. I agree with Jeff in that the thing that makes most of
> the systems "special" to me is the fact that not everybody could just
> go down to the local Best Buy/Circuit City/Sears store, buy one, plug
> it in, and use it. It took some determination, some ingenuity, and a
> real love of the whole concept of computers and computing.
> On Tue, 18 Nov 1997 10:20:03 -0600, "Jeff Kaneko"
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> >Now while I agree with other comments made about keeping contemporary
> >computing discussions out of this mailing list, I have to say that
> >there will always relatively "modern" systems that will be worthy of
> >discussion.
> >
> >The thing about the PC business is its sameness: Innovations and
> >uniqueness (once hallmarks of the computer industry) are heresy -- to
> >be different is certain death (hence the BE Box, RIP).
> >
> >The aim of this group, I think, should be a celebration of the things
> >that made our _favorite_ computing machines unique-- whether it's
> >Babbages difference engine, an S-100 box, an ageing PDP, or a
> >casualty as recent as a Be Box.
> >
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