Case designs (was: New Definiton REQUIRED)

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Thu Nov 20 03:45:26 1997

On 18 Nov 97 at 22:21, William Donzelli wrote:

> > The IBM PC used finely machined screws. The quality of cases diminished
> > much from the original design.
> I think they reached their pinnacle with the PS/2s. Those machines really
> are well designed. Later IBMs, like the Valuepoints, well, suck.
> Also, the really cheap PeeCees use screws that are stamped, and not
> turned. This is one of the reasons that fine threads are still used.
> William Donzelli
 I've got an IBM 8580-111(full tower case). I love the solidity of
the thing. Loosen 3 large screws with a . 25 coin and the side pops
off. Recessed fold-up handle if your strong enough to carry it
one-handed. I get incensed when newest-tech people suggest it could
be used as a conversation-piece coffee table. But it certainly is
strong enough. I also admire the MCA architecture which would have
been the norm if IBM hadn't been so greedy.
 My other candidate for "way-cool" design is the Atari 130xe. Like a
miniture ST whose modernistic design was undoubtably copied from
it. The DEC Rainbow is also remarkable for it's example of how to
give easy access to a board in confined space.

ciao larry
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