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Date: Sat Nov 22 04:24:20 1997

> On 18 Nov 97 at 22:21, William Donzelli wrote:
> > > The IBM PC used finely machined screws. The quality of cases diminished
> > > much from the original design.
> >
> > I think they reached their pinnacle with the PS/2s. Those machines really
> > are well designed. Later IBMs, like the Valuepoints, well, suck.
Usually NOT. Some do have suck factor some are so good.


> > William Donzelli
> >
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> I've got an IBM 8580-111(full tower case). I love the solidity of
> the thing. Loosen 3 large screws with a . 25 coin and the side pops
> off. Recessed fold-up handle if your strong enough to carry it
> one-handed. I get incensed when newest-tech people suggest it could
> be used as a conversation-piece coffee table. But it certainly is
> strong enough. I also admire the MCA architecture which would have
> been the norm if IBM hadn't been so greedy.
This is one of them I saw at computer shows, I could get one for $65
with 2 HD's in it, maybe 16mhz or 20mhz (tad slow for me). But I was
LOOKING for that oh so elvsive, hard to get 25mhz cached motherboard.
If one knows of one real cheap, that would be great. True but the
MCA was still clocked 8mhz. :( What we need is "MCA II that roars
at 66mhz with seamless PnP" if IBM is not so dumb. :)

But I would be happy with a P70 (386dx 25mhz) or P75 lunchbox (P75
has plasma display, use real 486dx-33 but I heard some are successful
to change CPU for dx2 66 even DX4 with right adapter, the package is
PGA btw just tricky to change.) instead of model 80. Anyone knows
who wants to rid of it dirt cheap? Linux is being worked on to
support MCA bus machines. I also have a 50Z motherboard that works
sort of but could anyone tell me what is common faults? This is 50Z
that runs at 0 wait state instead of 1 wait states in earlier 50
motherboards. Also is there a good trick to interface standard 1.44
to that dodgy connector? Becaues I was totally succesful to drive
those PS/2 720k drives on PeeCee's and tried same but with less
success or vice vesa with standard FD 1.44 (maybe this one was bad,
I got it from castoffs pile at my former worksite, on that 50Z
motherboard. Did seeks and lights up. Even I tried a working PS/2
720k drive on it, it tried to boot off the diagnotic/setup disks that
was known good. Yes, used right adapter as orignally made that I
found at other junkyard. One time I overheard that in that old days
when IBM was selling PS/2's that model 50/50Z chassis fan assembly
was quoted $500?! Hard to believe that but is that true?


> ciao larry
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