Commodore PET finds.

From: Scott Walde <>
Date: Sat Nov 22 13:09:15 1997

Well, after a long dry spell (partly self-induced) I came home this week
with a few machines. I picked up 5 PET 4032's (one labelled 'No Good') a
VIC-20, a 4022 printer, 5 datasettes, a 1571 disk drive (it rattles, i'm
not hopeful), a box of VIC power adaptors (the 10vac ones) and RF

I also got 4 'MSD Super Disk Drive' model SD-1. These look similar in
design to the external TRS-80 drives (except they're cream coloured).
They have two 6-pin DIN plugs and an IEEE-488(?) plug. Are these what I
think they are? (Drives that will work on the VIC-20/C-64 and PETs) I
don't have any 6pin cables to try these on a VIC. I haven't tried them on
a PET yet, either. Any idea what format these would be? (2040, 8050?)

Finally, I picked up a bit of PET software. I got five copies of
VisiCalc. It turns out, however, that this software requires a ROM chip
to be installed in the machine it is to be run on. (an early dongle?) No
problem, five VisiCalcs, five PETs... they must have the ROMs in them,
right?... wrong. Not-a. So... does anyone have a dump of the 'VisiCalc
for PET' ROM that they could email to me so I can try out this classic
piece of software? (and preserve it, of course.)

Oh, for those who follow the prices... I got the lot for $75CAD (about
$55USD) A little more than I wanted to pay, but it was a school board, so
I guess it's a good cause.

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