10 years and change/use it or lose it

From: PG Manney <manney_at_nwohio.com>
Date: Sat Nov 22 14:29:17 1997

> > > It would be even better if it
> > > were easy to require that the subscriber afirm that the FAQ had been
> > > read in return mail before the subscription actually started.
> >
> > It helps that there is a bit at the bottom of the welcome message
> > pointing out that anyone who does not prove that they have read that
> > and reply will not have their subscription completed. (If this is
> > actually enforced)
> Hmmm. Perhaps there should be a quiz during the subscription process
> whereby you are asked 10 questions that you will only know the answer to
> if you've read the FAQ.

It seems to me that I'd rather put up with a few "dumb" questions --
something I get all the time, in my computer business) than alienate, or
scare away new users by quizzing on the FAQ.

People were patient and gentle with me when I was starting out, and freely
shared their knowledge with me without censure. Let's give the new people a
break -- encourage the reading of the FAQ, certainly, but be patient with
silly mistakes.
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