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From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Sat Nov 22 17:30:57 1997

Francois Auradon wrote:
> What are these cards for? I didn't think you could expand these AT&T
> UNIX machines. Are ther other card available? My system says Version 3.0
> Main board P3...P5 (I just started it, gotta try the .!.).
> Later, Whoa Cool it works I mean the .!. I'll place it on my site.
> Now how can you tell if you have a 3b1? Maybe I'll just download the
> FAQ.
> Thank for the tip
> Ward Donald Griffiths III wrote:
> > And if you're interested, I may be able to supply a DOS-73 card -- I've
> > got a couple I'm not using much -- not much runs these days on an 8086
> > with 512K and Hercules graphics.

The DOS-73 card is basically a standalone PC that occupies one of the
three expansion slots of a Unix PC. It's the same concept as the later
"Bridge Board" for the Amiga 2000 etc. It's got an 8086 and 512K RAM
that I've never seen anybody come up with a way to add to. With the
permission of the 68010 and Unix it treats the Unix PC display like a
Hercules monochrome graphics adapter. The manufacturer was Alloy. In
all truth, since no software newer than Wordstar 5.5 runs on it, it's
about as useful as the tits on a steer. Especially since the system's
limited to 360K floppies (720K if you make unsupported modifications).
Ward Griffiths
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