Talk Of Building A Computer...

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Sat Nov 22 18:10:38 1997

Hans B Pufal wrote:

> I see this as more than just an academic project, rebuilding these old
> machines in current technology is really the only way in which they can
> be preserved and made available for study, excepting perhaps via
> emulators (another of my passions).
> Take the idea even further : the technology exists today to build most
> if not all first generations machines on a single chip. Indeed I wonder
> if an FPGA might not be able to be reconfigurable to build many of these
> early machines, certainly a few FPGA's together with the new
> programmable routiing chips (from GateWay?) should do the job. Thus we
> can build on hardware base capable of emulating or recreating many of
> the early machines, just add software.

Another fun project would be that nowawadays with modern materials and
computer controlled machining, it is now possible to make parts to the
tolerances necessary to build a functional Analytical Engine. Anybody
know where I can get a good copy of Babbage's designs?
Ward Griffiths
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