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From: Jeff Kaneko <>
Date: Mon Nov 24 09:07:27 1997

Ward Griffiths Wrote:

> Another fun project would be that nowawadays with modern materials and
> computer controlled machining, it is now possible to make parts to the
> tolerances necessary to build a functional Analytical Engine. Anybody
> know where I can get a good copy of Babbage's designs?
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> Ward Griffiths
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It's been done. I read an article in the Scientific American a few
years back, where some guys from the British Museum, I think, built
the Analytical Engine according to Babbages design.

They corrected a couple of minor design flaws (some speculate that
Babbage put them there on purpose to discourage Industrial
Espionage), and fabricated the whole thing from several tons of
Iron, brass, and bronze parts.

They didn't have funding to build the whole machine (the printer
alone is an engineering marvel), but the machine worked! They
succeeded where Babbage had failed.

If you arer REALLY interested, I'll try to dredge up the article for

Jeff Kaneko
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