Rubbery Bits Gone Gooey

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Sun Nov 23 21:32:50 1997

<I have told my friend not to toss the drives so I think one or the
<other of us will have some to play with now. Thanks for the tips;
<it's, well, reassuring that someone has already figured something out.

They are repairable.

<The only thing I'm worried about w/r/t hardness is whether that will
<create additional wear or reduced traction with the belt capstan.

The belt capstan is very hard. The tygon after 6months of constnt use has
shown good wear and the same tape has been used with no bad effects nor are
any expected. I could think of a dozen materials I'd like to try but this
was the only one available and its worked remarkably well.

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