Rubbery Bits Gone Gooey

From: Don Maslin <>
Date: Sun Nov 23 22:21:12 1997

On Sun, 23 Nov 1997, Allison J Parent wrote:

> <instead of the vinyl, would a small section of heat-shrink tubing work? Ni
> <it a little longer than the thickness of said ferrule, then hit it with
> I presume over the gummy roller. The problem is the ferrule for the tu58
> is 0.435 od, the roller is 0.625 od. The gummey material does not hold
> shape in the advanced cases of rot. The tygon tubing has a 0.385 ID and
> when stretched over the ferrule has a od of 0.610 after grinding. This is
> adaquate as the tape speed is servo controlled via read back data.

Rather similar to the scheme that I used to read an IPL tape on a
Televideo TS-816. In that case it involved using a 1/4" ID rubber
grommet which was cemented to the capstan shaft after 'grinding' it down
to approximately the correct OD. Worked like a champ! Fact is, I still
have a spare that I never needed.
                                                 - don
> Having worked with machines used to produce pharmaceuticals I have a
> better than average appreciation for various elastic materials. There
> are many of them to choose from and the urethanes or neopyene are a good
> choices but Tygon(aka Vinyl) thick wall tubing is a easy one to obtain and
> use and proven satisfactory. The later ease of availability and use are
> key in the selection.
> Allison
> Allison
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