C= PC Clone?

From: Adam Jenkins <adam_at_merlin.net.au>
Date: Thu Nov 27 08:37:11 1997

>I never knew Commodore made PC clones. There's one at the Goodwill. And
>a couple Aquarius keyboards. Never seen one of those either although
>I've heard about them plenty of times.

I have the PC-10 here, so I knew about this. :) There was also, from
memory, the Commodore Colt and PC-30. I also seem to think there was a
PC-5, but I can be corrected on this. I imagine there were later models as

What was interesting for me was spotting a Commodore MS-DOS laptop
recently. I thought that the only commodore laptop was the prototype C-64
laptop - I wasn't aware that Commodore made any more, even if it was only a
pc clone. UNfortunatly they were asking too much for me, although I would
have considered it if I could afford the machine.

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