C= PC Clone?

From: jpero_at_cgo.wave.ca <(jpero_at_cgo.wave.ca)>
Date: Wed Nov 26 03:46:17 1997

> I never knew Commodore made PC clones. There's one at the Goodwill. And
> a couple Aquarius keyboards. Never seen one of those either although
> I've heard about them plenty of times.
> GM

Oh yeah, C= did produce PC 10,II, III all are XT's and
PC 20's which is 286, all of them used or shared nonstandard shaped
motherboards and cases but pretty solid. After that they outsourced
their C= logo on few clone maker boxes. One was generic LPX case
with cached 386 33 and don't seen any 486's with C= logos. Last time
I heard they are still doing this primarily reselling with clone
makers peeces's with that C= on them.

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