Atari 130XE

From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Sat Nov 29 15:55:54 1997

At 09:37 PM 11/28/97 -0800, you wrote:
>was an Atari 130XE, the case is like my 520ST, but I'm possitive this is an
It's an 8-bit atari (ala 800) but from later on at the very end of the 8-bit
line. Be very careful about plugging an ST ps in, I don't htink they're the

>It has a cartridge port that looks like it will take the cartridges that go
>in the Atari 800 I've got (it's also missing a power supply).
Same cartridges.

>One major plus is it had the necessary cable to connect the computer to the
>floppy drive I picked up a month or so ago. Although the cable seems to be
>intended to go to this real cool looking little box, an "Atari 850
>Interface Module", which is complete with a power supply, and a operaters
That connector/cable is used for a lot of things. It's mainly(?) for the
disk drives, but hooking up to the 850 gives you standard RS-232, multiple
atari SIO(is that what it was called?) ports and possibly a parallel printer
port? There were cables that had built-in adapters to go from the sio to
parallel printers as well as ones for RS-232. Also, there were modems that
used that interface rather than a standard RS-232 and printers too.

Sorry if that's not clear but it's late and I'm still working...

>What was probably the biggest find was a Macintosh Colour Classic minus
>keyboard and mouse for $5.00, only has 4Mb of memory, but it just might end
>up replacing my SE/30 as my Word Processor. I just wish it could handle
>32Mb of RAM like the SE/30, instead of a measly 10Mb (OK, I admit, that's
>more than I need for what I'm threating).
D*mn! Why can I find bargains like that! The Mac colour (or color for our
us friends) classic is a heck of a nice machine. Still very useable in the
clsaaroom and elsewhere. P.S., there is a classic macs mailing list for
them what use <'040 macs. email me for more info...

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