Atari 130XE

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Sun Nov 30 23:43:10 1997

On 29 Nov 97 at 15:55, Uncle Roger wrote:

> At 09:37 PM 11/28/97 -0800, you wrote:
> >was an Atari 130XE, the case is like my 520ST, but I'm possitive this is an
> It's an 8-bit atari (ala 800) but from later on at the very end of the 8-bit
> line. Be very careful about plugging an ST ps in, I don't htink they're the
> same.
 Lovely little machine. Still in use on many BBS'. The PS uses +5 v
taken from pins 4, 1 , and 6 _at_ 1.5 a. Theres an excellent FAQ on the
Atari 8-bit NG.
> >It has a cartridge port that looks like it will take the cartridges that go
> >in the Atari 800 I've got (it's also missing a power supply).
> Same cartridges.
 NO ! It uses different cartridges. They are slightly smaller than
the Atari 400-800 ones.

>One major plus is it had the necessary cable to connect the
computer to the
> >floppy drive I picked up a month or so ago. Although the cable seems to be
> >intended to go to this real cool looking little box, an "Atari 850
> >Interface Module", which is complete with a power supply, and a operaters
> That connector/cable is used for a lot of things. It's mainly(?) for the
> disk drives, but hooking up to the 850 gives you standard RS-232, multiple
> atari SIO(is that what it was called?) ports and possibly a parallel printer
> port? There were cables that had built-in adapters to go from the sio to
> parallel printers as well as ones for RS-232. Also, there were modems that
> used that interface rather than a standard RS-232 and printers too.
> Sorry if that's not clear but it's late and I'm still working...
 The SIO ports on the Atari 8-bits was not standard RS232 (the greedy
buggers wanted to lock you in to their peripherals) and the 850 as
well as the MEO and Black Box gave you access to standard rs232.
There are cables SIO2PC that allow connection to a PC to transfer
data using the 1050 DD . These drives could be daisy-chained together
up to 8 drives IIRC. The SIO2PC cable is also used for emulation
using any one of the numerous excellent emu. prgs. There are
suppliers still servicing the devoted market. It can use Lynx and a
remarkable local Toronto 8-bit board relays comp.sys.atari in it's
confs. There is also a net of 8-bit Atari BBS'. The very active NG
can answer any questions you may have.

ciao larry
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