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From: Glenn Roberts <>
Date: Sun Nov 30 09:26:08 1997

At 11:30 PM 11/29/97 -0500, William Donzelli wrote:
>I spent some time at the Capital for the holiday, and took a few hours off
>to check out some of the vintage machines at the Smithsonion Institution.

speaking of which, i would recommend the Smithsonian's "Information Age"
exhibit to anyone in this group. It's in the National Museum of American
History (14th and Constitution in Washington DC):

or see a glimpse of it in the on line version:

they have cool stuff like an early Sun, and (as I recall) an Apple I - also
mainframe history, telephone and telgraph, television, etc. worth a trip.
the price is right too (free!) - one of the benefits of living in the DC area.

- glenn

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