Apple II series disk drive question

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Sep 2 23:05:24 1997

>But they aren't exactly rare. At one point, Computer Warehouse here
>in Vancouver had several hundred enhanced IIe's, apparently bought
>from a local school system. They also had the most enormous wall of

I wouldn't be surprised if a large number were still in schools, I've no
idea what the state of modernization is in schools though. Still the IIe
was sold until 1992 I believe, which means some are still fairly new.

>IIgs's that I'd ever seen; you could've built an entire house with 'em
>if you stacked them like bricks! About 1/5th were "Woz special
>editions" (not all that rare or special...)

I think I've heard numbers like 100,000 on the "Special Edition", I think
the ROM 3's might be rarer. Personally I've never seen either.

>You can still buy Enhanced IIe logic boards from Sun Remarketing.
>A while back they were selling new, in-the-box, enhanced IIe's, as well.

Yeh, but I don't make enough to feel I can deal with them, besides with a
pair of IIgs's the Enhanced IIe would be a nice to have is all. Actually
I'll probably get one of the enhancement kits and enhance one of them I've
got myself. The kits are only $29 from a place called Alltech Electronics
in California. They seem to be the
outfit to deal with for upgrades and such. From what I saw on their web
page it looks like if you've got the 19-pin controller card for the IIe you
can probably drive a 3.5" floppy, I'd give it a try but all my IIe's are in
storage, I've only got the one IIgs here.

They also have some fun IIgs upgrades; SCSI, cpu accelerators, and 8Mb RAM
boards. I've got the SCSI, and want to get the other two.

>> However there is a downside to the DuoDisk
>> you need the drive cable which since it's detachable doesn't always come
>> with the drive (that's how I got my second IIe, I bought it for the cable,
>> as it was cheaper than buying the cable).
>Where can an ordinary Joe like me buy 19-pin D connectors? Weren't there
>also 23-pin D's used on Amigas?

I've no idea about the connectors. A good Electronics store would be a
good choice, Alltech might have them.

The 23-pin connectors are used for the video on the Amiga's, at least the
A500, A2000, and A3000 (which also has a VGA port) I think the same is true
for the rest. The A3000 is the only one that can drive a VGA monitor
properly in an unmodified state.

The 23-pin is either for a wierd cable pretty much customized to the
monitor, or for the TV-modulator.


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