Burroughs Update

From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Wed Sep 3 00:52:05 1997

Here are a *few* titles of the Burroughs manuals I have. These were just in
the first box or so and are just posted to give an idea of the type of stuff
in these manuals.

B6900 Reference Manual, July 1981
A Series System Software Support Reference Manual, Dec 1985
A Series System Software Utilities Reference Manual, Dec 1985
A Series Master Index, May 1986
A Series Cobol, Dec 1985
B 1700 Cobol Compiler Documentation, Dec 1973
B 1000 Systems Fortran 77, Jan 1984
B 1000 Systems Netwrok Controller Installation Guide, Oct 1986
B 1000 Software Operation Guide (Vol 1), Sep 1983
B 1000 System Software Release,
  Data Management System II, 1984
B1800/B1700 MCP Control Systax, Rev A, 2/23/1978
Software Development Language (SDL) Manual, June 1972
B1800/B1700 SDL, Rev F, 6/25/1980
B1700/B1800 Data Communications Subsystems,
  Information Manual, Dec 1975
  Product Specification, April 7, 1977
  Glossary of Data Communication Terms, June 1978

There are at least another 300 and probably more including more system
manuals, Design Reviews, software problem reports and fixes, Cande, Cobol,
Fortran, Instructional Materials, etc. Oh, apparently there were a pile of
tapes that made it to the dump <sigh> but I have three 8" tapes that were
left. I didn't pick up the punched cards yet and there is still another
room that was being cleaned out that looked like it might have had some
manuals in it. I have email from a few people who have told me a bit of
what they want, but how do we handle this stuff now?.
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