Model 33 ASRs

From: Anthony Clifton <>
Date: Wed Sep 3 08:10:44 1997

> >Do Model 33 ASR's ever show up at hamfests anymore? Back when I was in
> >high school, these were the de facto solution for reading and/or
> >punching 8-level paper tapes.
> i saw one at a hamfest this past summer. the guy who owned it wasn't
> around so i wasn't able to find out what he was asking. if you keep your
> eyes open they can still be had.

For those interested, I have what appears to be a pretty complete set of
ASR33 documentation...5 books...2 photocopied, 3 originals that I'd be
willing to trade for something more up my an S100 card or
two (or 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 =)...or something along those lines.
(I'll consider all kinds of things.

Of course, as soon as I don't have the documentation, that's when I'll
find a teletype. :-/ No guts, no glory. =)

Anthony Clifton - WireHead Prime
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