ASR-33 Paper Tape Readers

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Date: Wed Sep 3 23:45:21 1997

On Tue, 2 Sep 1997 18:11:58 -0800 (PDT) Tim Shoppa
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>Unlike the high-speed optical readers, the Model 33 ASR's were purely
>mechanical (including the UART, of course...)
What a coincidence, I am looking through a book - Computer Peripherals
That You Can Build by Dr. Gordon W. Wolfe, and there are plans for a
electro-optical paper tape reader to replace the ASR-33. It says
"Reading a long program in on paper tape can be quite a chore, since the
ASR-33 reads only ten characters a second". Then it claims that "Using
an optical reader with handshaking on a parallel port, up to 500
characters per second may be read - as fast as you can pull the tape
through!" It shows the schematics for building the reader, and a
flowchart for the read program. I could probably type in the section,
and scan the diagrams if anyone is interested in building their own. For
all those people out there with the skills, it's a really interesting
book, it even has plans and schematics for a touch response display. I
might even try building one of those. It would be a hit at work. I can
still look like someone on the cutting edge, getting projects from a 15
year old book. Just let me know if anyone is interested in the plans. I
might not be able to get to it tomorrow, but it won't take long, and
maybe someone with the knowledge and skills can "mass produce" some for
the people in the list that need them.

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