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From: Alan Richards <>
Date: Wed Sep 3 23:00:44 1997

At 09:43 PM 03/09/97 GMT, you wrote:
>I just picked up a MAC PLUS and on the inside of the case it is silver
>with lots of signatures moulded on it , I know my AMIGA 1000 has this
>but the other Mac i have is just plain , Is this common ????
>Cheers Chris Denham

  I don't know if you could call it common, however I do know that the Mac
512 had it, as well as the Mac Classic (i don't think the original Mac or
the later Mac 128 had a signed case, but I could be wrong).

A funny story I heard about these sigs is that on at least one (if not all),
Jobs sig is large and right in the middle while Woz's is down in the corner.
However a seam or vent ran through Jobs and all but made it unreadable :)

I always assumed that the Mac Plus was unsigned, but I guess your machine
has proved me wrong (I should dig out that long torx screwdriver and get
inside of mine again)

Is there a list somewhere naming all of the signed Macs? And how many other
computers had signed cases? I think its great that these early machines were
produced with signed cases, it shows a pride in the workmanship, as well as
the simplicity of design when you could fit all of the important names on
the inside of a computer case. Try that with todays wintel boxes (as if they
would want to be 'fingered' as the culprits ;)

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