DEC Scrounging & SWTPC 6800 Update

From: Anthony Clifton <>
Date: Thu Sep 4 17:30:14 1997

> lasts for a fraction of a second, and properly done wiring with breakers
> or slow-blow fuses can handle the extra current. The heating effect on the
> wires is very minor.
And probably doesn't last long enough to matter.

I'm probably going to take Tim's advice and work on switching to SCSI
drives. It sure would be amusing to have a 4' rack (which to most folks
is a monster) with tiny little SCSI drives sitting on top. =-) Come to
think of it...and this is a vague recollection...I seem to recall at the
job I had in '88 programming DIBOL on an 11/44 that the 44 had an
arrangement like that. With little 5 1/4" drives on top. Hmmmmm....
> Why not just install a normal Twist-Loc? They can be expensive, but I
> have had decent luck finding them at hamfests for pocket change.
> One note: many Twist-Locs are isolated ground types (look for a little
> triangle), so be sure to provide a suitable ground wire - the socket does
> not provide the connection.

As I mentioned to Tim a buddy of mine is an industrial electrician so I
might have him just come in and make things happy and good. =-)

BTW, what is the objection that you and Tim seem to have to just
switching to normal 3 prong plugs, other than that they can fall out?
Just curious if there's other reasons not trying to be argumentative.

Anthony Clifton - WireHead Prime
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