[Long] HHC Eprom Update!

From: Roger Merchberger <zmerch_at_northernway.net>
Date: Thu Sep 4 17:40:30 1997

Otay, folks. Sorry for the lack of verbiage here, but I've had a crazy
week+. Here's the skinny:

Me wifey just called from home and said that the e-proms have arrived.
There's 3 packages of them, totalling roughly 110 pounds of the things.

They are 8Kx8 parts, made by Motorola with part numbers MCM 68764 and
MCM 68766.

If y'all don't recognize these part numbers, I'm _almost_ positive that
they are 24-pin chips compatible with Mask-programmed ROMS of similar
numbers and should be pin-compatible with those. For all you CoCo lovers,
this means you. Most (if not all) of the Tandy CoCo 1 & 2's and CoCo disk
controllers (up to and including the FD-501, if I'm not mistaken) used
these for Color Basic, Extended Color Basic and Disk Extended Color Basic.
Now all you Cocoists (this includes me... I'm jumping for joy) can upgrade
& burn new Basic ROMS to fix a lot of the bugs that Microsoft left in,
without having to hack up a 24-pin to 28-pin adapter. (which, BTW, I do
have the specs for so you could hack one up if necessary.)

These are supposed to be blank, but Mike said that if some came thru with
programming intact, they would contain specialized insurance-type programs
for the HHC's. The HHC's were built under the Panasonic and Quasar labels
(from what I gathered on the Web) and utilized a 6502 uprocessor, IIRC.
I'll drum up the web references again, when I get home.... uh, no... links
are here. Here's what I got:

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