Burroughs & Misc

From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Sun Sep 7 13:45:23 1997

Stuff - I just picked up some 15 sheets of original "Leo Computers, LTD"
stationary! I would have thought this type of stuff long gone, but I guess

Among the Burroughs stuff I picked up today were some digital cassettes
(standard audio like cassettes) for what appears to be the Burroughs B1000.
Some of the tapes have names like "Pack/Init 13.0 XM3", Cold Boot,
Clear/Start, etc. as well as some still in the clear wrapping. Anyone have
a need for stuff like this?

Also, I found a few spools of tape, both the small and large sizes (8" and
12"???) for one of the Burroughs mahcines if anyone needs them. I didn't
take a close look at the titles but they appeared to be stuff being worked
on rather than system tapes.
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