Off Topic but Not

From: Anthony Clifton <>
Date: Thu Sep 11 07:56:53 1997

Ok, this is kind of a weird question for this group and it's kinda off
topic but it occured to me that someone here would be more likely to
be able to help me out than probably anyone else.

One of the freebies I just received is a Duplo DP-3150 Digital Duplicator.
It's like a photocopier but MUCH faster and is kind of like a cross between
a small offset press in terms of speed and a photocopier in terms of
technology except it uses an ink pack instead of toner.

If I could get this guy fired up...and he does seem to light up properly
and kick paper through but is missing the ink pack and so on...I could
send out "Don't Throw Away that Computer" type fliers and so on.

Does anyone work in an industry or a company where I could get a copy of
the operation/etc manual for this machine? Does anyone have a buddy who
might have spare supplies for this machine and/or manuals?

I'll be happy to compensate.

Sorry for it being off-topic but I figured someone here would be more
likely to help me than in most other places. I'm also making inquiries
at local copy machine sales places but companies like that tend to be
unfriendly if you didn't buy the machine there or have a service contract
etc. And if you tell them it was given to you free, they're not helpful
at all.

Anthony Clifton - WireHead Prime
Received on Thu Sep 11 1997 - 07:56:53 BST

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