HP 2100A available from Ann Arbor MI

From: David Williams <dlw_at_neosoft.com>
Date: Thu Sep 11 09:26:52 1997

I don't think it will "die a horrible death." I emailed them yesterday
when I first saw the newsgroup post and have heard back. I'll have to have
it shipped but I figure it's the price I'll just have to pay. :-) I've
been looking for one of these for years.

> From: Hans Pufal <hans1_at_filan00.grenoble.hp.com>
> Date: Thursday, September 11, 1997 12:43 AM
> At risk of repeating someone elses post (I receive the digest form of
> the list):
> Recently seen on the net:
> > An HP 2100A minicomputer will become available soon, in Ann Arbor, MI.
> Don't let this one die a horrible death.

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