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From: Alan Richards <alanr_at_morgan.ucs.mun.ca>
Date: Fri Sep 12 12:11:56 1997

At 08:39 AM 07/09/97 -0500, you wrote:
>20 of them just got trashed, but if you want a couple I'll be stopping in
>the shop later this week and if they have a new batch in I will pick you up
>a couple. We can settle up after I get them. They also have alot of SE's,
>512's, and sometimes the 128's. There is also a thrift store here that
>sells all computers for 80 cents including taxes. Everyone has started going
>here and it's getting harder to catch any good machines there. If anyone
>reading this is looking for HP stuff let me know as I passed on a complete
>HP3000 for $10.

  Sounds good, any idea on how much shipping will be to St. John's,
Newfoundland, Canada?
  I would be intersted in only one Mac Plus, as space is at a premium,
although if you could find a Tandy Model 100 for a comparble price there
(that 80 cents sounds really good) I would appreciate you picking one of
them up as well. Thanks in advance...

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