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From: Alan Richards <>
Date: Fri Sep 12 12:22:38 1997

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>Couple of questions. How much does Minix cost now days? Last I looked it
>was ~$200 for the PC, although I'll admit this was back in '92 when it was
>a fairly good alternative to Linux (I remember when Linux didn't have a
>login prompt, you were dropped staight to single user). You can get a 6-CD
>Linux set for $25.
>Second, what major UNIX apps are there for Minix? Linux has basically all
>the freeware ones (when it comes to UNIX don't let the term freeware scare
>you away, it's often far better than commercial PC software).

  Yikes! $200.00! I didn't think it was that much, I was under the
impression that it was in the range of $30.00-$40.00 dollars US. Of course,
I could be mistaken, maybe that is the price for i86 version...
  I don't think there are many apps out there for MINIX (as compared to
LINUX) but from what I could see, the list is growing everyday. I think
MINIX would be great for a portable, unless of course the portable is the
only machine you have.

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