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From: Alan Richards <>
Date: Fri Sep 12 12:31:49 1997

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> Because RedHat or Debian will have support for just about
>every hardware option he might ever need, has precompiled applications
>in a simple to use and install format (.rpm or .dep), and simple X
>based TK configuration utilities *somewhat* similar to Windows' control
> Minux is pretty cool, and until Linux-Lite comes out, the only
>option for a free Unix like OS (that I know of) on the 8088/80286.
>But from what I saw, he has at least a 386. I've got a 386DX-20
>running Linux performing IP-Masquerading (in kernel IP translation -
>which minux most definitely *won't* do) and routing, name services for
>my internal network, a small web server for documentation (to other
>internal machines), and as a slow SCSI backup server to an old Exabyte
>(which was the free find of the century, I might add) and am perfectly
>happy with it's performance and utility. It's simple to install,
>simple to configure, and once it's done I can leave it up and running
>without concern. For example:

  Granted that MINIX cannot compare to Linux when it comes to apps and
support, the reason I suggested it was because he wanted to install it on
386 portables. There are enough apps out there for MINIX for the basics, and
the list grows everyday. Also I was thinking of disk space, MINIX only
requires 30mb of space, so it would be ideal for portables...
  As for being simple to install... well, since when did people like us who
collect classic machines worry about anything being simple ;)

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