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Date: Mon Sep 15 21:22:06 1997

At 08:51 PM 9/11/97 -0700, you wrote:
>> > faces with names! Anyone up for a dinner get together Saturday night?

> I am totally unfamilar with the area but I am sure we can find a place to
>eat. My preference would be someplace reasonable quiet so conversation is
>possible :).
The VCF is in Pleasanton, about 25-30 miles east-southeast of San Francisco.
Roughly at the intersection of Hwys 580 & 680.

As to where to eat, there's a Black Angus there which is a (chain)
steakhouse that's pretty good. My no-red-meat-girlfriend likes 'em. It may
be noisy though, as some are meet markets on the weekends with dance floors
and such.

(There's also the Cadillac Ranch nearby, which is really loud, but is good
for C/W line dancing.)

I'm sure others (who are more local) can point out good places. (For SF,
check out my list at: <>)

Anyway, I'd be interested in dinner.

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