Model 100 Schematics

From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Mon Sep 15 21:22:09 1997

At 12:47 AM 9/12/97 -0700, you wrote:
>A friend of mine and I both have TRS Model 100s with problems and I am
>looking for schematics to the unit. If anyone has them for sale, cost of
There's also the m100 mailing list, if you're not already on it. Kinda
quiet, but in the past had lots of good info. It's hosted at Northernway
(Roger Merchberger (which I'm sure I've misspelled) runs it now) and I'll
bet you're going to ask for the address.... Send a message to
<> with subscribe in the subject (I think)
and a blank message to sign up.

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