Lisa 2/5 Startup Problems

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Wed Sep 17 01:21:36 1997

>>The button above the keyboard jack doesn't seem to function properly, it
>>lights up, but I can't turn the computer off using it, it simply resets it.
>Are you running it as a Mac XL or as a Lisa? Again, this is a common
>problem with the XL OS, and occurs on mine. Although not wise, I found
>switching it off at the power supply was the only solution. It does seem
>to work while booting up though - just not while in the OS.

It's a Lisa, the problem turned out to be not having an OS installed. I'm
happy to say that problem has been solved.

>Note that it takes a while for the ProFile to reach operating speed. Until
>the red light is on solidly, do not start your Lisa - wait until you get a
>solid light before turning it on. That should solve at least some of your

Yes, apparently it should even be given a little while after going solid.
I don't know for sure, as I've not powered it on with everything working
right yet.


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